Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ancient Gallic Panzer Brigade

Well, they're finally done!  The other night I made one big push and got all three chariots finished, got the yokes mounted, did some final touching up, and stained them with the Army Painter strong tone.  Then left them overnight to dry, but while they were still wet, I managed to get a few pictures in, so here they are at long last!

This is the Gallic chieftain on his chariot, wearing chainmail, the chariot trimmed with red to make it stand out

and the chief's posse

another chariot, three in all

the sculpting wasn't the best, but they painted up well enough

The chief with his ornate shield, there are actually three chiefs in my army

The driver's face showed up darker than it should be though

on your marks...!

they see us rollin', they hatin', patrollin', they tryin' to catch us ridin' dirty!

So last night I've gone right to work on the final two elements of my Gallic army, the cavalry.  The army list calls for two stands of 3 cavalry. I have some Italeri figures, but too many of them wore trumpets on their backs, and since I had gone with HaT figures for the chariots and crew, and for the Gallic horse in my Carthaginian army, I decided to go with HaT figures again for these stands.  Managed to get the little bit of flash removed along with mold lines, and started blocking in the faces and hands, and the clothes... more plaids, groan...! 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Eye Candy

So, I have three more or less completed DBA armies, the Republican Romans are definitely complete, so are the Carthaginians... though the bases need a proper flocking, and the Macedonians, though the army would only be suitable for battles with the Persians, Greek city states and northern tribesmen, I do not have any friendly Persians in the army or elephants, so not India I guess.

To entertain you all, I've set up an exhibition of sorts, so you can see the Romans, Macedonians and Gauls engaged in combat.  Hope you like them.

I have also added some of my Airfix Imperial Romans being ambushed by Gauls.

I should have warned you, lots of pics here.

Until next time...