Tuesday, December 22, 2015

a beginning is a very delicate time

That's what she said in Dune.  This is my first post here.  I'm looking for a nice place to sit and post about my miniatures and models.  I've built an awful lot of models, painted a lot of miniature figures too. I'm not as active as I once was, my "golden age" was back in the last century, but this and that happened, and steadily advancing age have slowed me down somewhat.

But I do the best I can.

Figures, I generally paint 20mm or 1/72 and smaller, same with models, sometimes I'll build one a little larger, a 1/48 scale aircraft model, or a 1/35 AFV model, and then there was that truck model I built with my dad before he passed on, but that's another story and kind of a sad one too, so let's move on.

Do I wargame with my figures?  The last time I did that was twenty something years ago, a Cold War, Red Dawn-ish scenario, where Soviet Airborne troops seized a bridge somewhere in the US, and were set upon by local militia, hunters and survivalists pretty much, which were swept aside and destroyed.  Soon the local National Guard went in, and it was pretty nasty, brutal, neither side giving or receiving quarter. the bridge was eventually retaken, a turn short of the expected arrival of Soviet motor rifle troops.

But that's the last time I've plated a miniature wargame.

I collect and paint figures from different periods, I have Union and Confederate armies based for the "Johnny Reb" rules set developed by the late John Hill, my Napoleonics are based for Napoleon At War, my ancients and medievals for DBA, though I have yet to play a game with those rules.

What am I currently working on?  I've been working on a six army set for DBA, to cover the Second Punic War.  I've painted a Carthaginian army long, long ago, if you look hard enough, you'll see some pics of that army on the HaT Everything Toy Soldiers page.  You'll find pics of my Alexandrian Macedonian army there too.

Not all that long ago, I've finished my Polybian Roman army to challenge the Carts, and since then I've been working on the Gauls, but they've been rough going.  The other three would be Iberians, Syracusans and a Campanian army to represent the Italian city states not yet controlled by Rome.  Down the road, maybe I'll add Celtiberians and a Numidian army too, maybe a Macedonian army, though I am not fond of the HaT Phalangites or Pezhetairoi, because their hands are necessarily deformed to accomodate sarissas that don't come with them.

I'm too opinionated, best to get that out of the way now.

Be back soon, my first post is done.  Thanks.