Friday, February 5, 2016

Wars Of The Roses...

I've been watching Ian's videos on YT where he demonstrated first the Lion Rampant rules, then the Sword And Spear rules with his beautifully painted Wars Of The Roses armies.  Great stuff!  I thought.  So much so that I've gone and ordered enough figures to raise two armies of my own for Lion Rampant.  I didn't give enough thought to how to paint these little guys, which lords were on which side, what their colors would be, and then I've read that this conflict wasn't just one flare up, but a series of conflicts with different players on either side, and people switching sides too.  So then I've got to decide, I guess, which armies to raise for which part of the conflict, maybe even which battle.  Oh worra worra... at least they can't be as hard to paint as the Gauls I had been working on, on and off. I'd post some pictures here, but I have yet to learn how to introduce lovely pictures into the blog, like in Ian's blog and Paul's Bods. 

I have an awful lot to share, spanning almost thirty years of model building, a lot of it I've shared on facebook, and more on Google +, and more to come, as time and energy permit.