Saturday, February 6, 2016

more about the WOTR troops...

So what I had picked up were mostly Red Box figures, which are pretty much the only WOTR figures to get in 1/72, which is my preferred scale.  I had ordered all of these from Mega Hobby in NJ in the US, for the grand sum of $111.00 roughly.

For that price I had bought four packs of Town And County Levy, a pack each of Mounted Men At Arms, Scurrers... light cavalry... Men At Arms and Retinue... and rounded out the set with a pack of Caesar 15th century European Knights.  Here are the boxes, for a closer look at the figures themselves and the counts of how many per pose, please go over to plastic soldier review for a look.
these will make up the bulk of my troops, some billmen, and a lot of longbowmer                                                    

here's a reverse of the box showing what sorts of troops are inside                                                                                        

these are most of the rest, Men At Arms and Retinue for some men at arms on foot and foot command, then the Scurrers, which I take to mean light cavalry, and the Mounted Men At Arms, for the commanders and their bodyguard teams, six cavalry for each side, heavy and light
this is the reverse of the three boxes above to give you an idea of what's inside                                                                   

and these guys are for a unit of twelve dismounted Men At Arms, one for each side     

Originally I had wanted to raise Hundred Years' War armies, English and French.  While it is easy to get good quality foot soldiers, archers and crossbowmen, it is not as easy to get mounted Knights without getting a lot more footmen!  So I thought about maybe raising armies for the Battle Of Grunwald, same problem, and the Mars figures aren't as good.  So then I thought about raising Russian and Teutonic Order armies.  But then whan I had watched Jack Diomede's videos on youtube, I stubbornly insisted on going with The Wars Of The Roses instead of the HYW or Northern Crusades.

So here they are awaiting a good scrubbing and paint.



  1. They should make two fine armies for the period. I am pleased my poor attempts have inspired you to try this period. I shall get on and make the videos.

    1. Hi Ian, that they have! I still need to add some spearmen to the armies, I think Strelets has those as Medieval Levy, so a box of those, maybe one more box of retinue, and flags too. :)