Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My armored insanity

The Jagdpanther did not turn out badly, and I was happy with it, so I decided to go on.

The next project was a pair of Armourfast Sherman Fireflies. Now, I already had four Fireflies in the stash, which I had bought perhaps twelve or thirteen years ago, after playing Call Of Duty 3, which included the Falaise Gap battles... Hill 262 and The Mace. I'll never forget those!  So I had decided I would build and paint Sherman Fireflies, perhaps for a diorama, Hunting The Black Baron.

Life got in the way, so I never built them.

Then I got this new pair of Shermans, and went to work. It took me several days, a fair amount of research into unit markings, these absolutely HAD to belong to the First Polish Armoured Division in August 1944.

To the best of my knowledge, there never was a tank in either the First or Second Polish Armoured named "Pigus" with a dot over the s. And so I'll bore you with a story about it.

My folks are Polish. I'm first generation American. I work from home sometimes, and while working, I listen to the local Polish language radio station in Chicago, and there is a commercial for a family law firm, where a dog is making whimpering noises, and the announcer says, in Polish, do you hear how Pigus is whimpering? He is family too! Now be ashamed of what you did to him! And went on how the attorneys of this firm can help protect you and your family from being taken advantage of. By the way, Pigus is pronounced Pee-goosh. 

Hence the name on the model.  So the Fireflies were done, what came next?  That's in the next post.

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